A Girl for All Time Amelia

Amelia is a school girl growing up in Victorian London. She looks forward to her thirteenth birthday when she will inherit her great, great, great, and a few more greats, Grandmother Matilda’s trunk. I am waiting for her book, Amelia’s Inheritance, to arrive this week so I can get to know her story better. Amelia is the second doll in the series by English doll company A Girl for All Time, who has created exquisite dolls based on important eras and events in English history. They have won many awards and based on all the research, attention to detail and passion poured into the project, they deserve them!


Manufacturer A Girl for All Time
Size 16″
Body details High quality vinyl/plastic with 11 points of articulation
Face Unique face mold
Eyes Blue inset glass like eyes with soft eyelashes
Hair Wigged wavy blonde hair
Can share clothes with Can share some items with 18″ slim body lines like Carpatina, Journey Girls, Kidz n Cats
Average price US $134.95
Where to buy A Girl for All Time
Recommended for ages

Ages 8

A& up

After having her hair up in “plaits” (braids) all day long, Amelia can not wait to sit at her vanity and brush her hair. (Her vanity is in a doll storage trunk by The Queens Treasures) Amelia’s hair is long and wavy. I keep meaning to take the time to revive her curls by rag-rolling them Maybe tomorrow…

Amelia looks in her armoire, trying to decide what she wants to wear tomorrow. You can get a better look at the curvature in her arms and how they have a gentle bend at the elbows. I think Amelia should wear her party dress in anticipation of Matilda’s ball gown arriving this week.

For anyone who has a love of English history or wants to learn more, A Girl for All Time’s dolls are wonderful. The quality is outstanding and I can not even tell you how excited I am for the release of Clementine, the next doll in the series. I have held her, tried all her outfits on her and really couldn’t take my eyes off her. I know you will love her, too!

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