A touch of green is a must for St. Patrick’s Day! I have 3 simple felt shamrocks that will add that touch of green to any doll’s outfit! Try the 3D shamrock headband, the shamrock and circle pin or the simple shamrock pin to keep your doll free from “pinches” this St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock accessories for dolls

With a little felt you will be on your way to some cute St. Patrick’s Day accessories!

Shamrock accessories for dolls

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.

Shamrock accessories for dolls


  • green felt
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • chalk
  • safety pins
  • needle
  • Sparkle Elastic Chord
  • thread
  • glue (hot glue or craft glue)

Shamrock accessories for dolls

To get started we are going to make a shamrock pattern. On a piece of paper draw 3 hearts with their points facing in. Then connect the hearts and draw a stem as shown.

Shamrock accessories for dolls

After you cut out your shamrock pattern, place it on a piece of felt. Take a piece of chalk and trace around the pattern. The chalk will transfer the pattern and will easily rub off and not leave a mark when you are done.

Let’s Make a 3D Shamrock Headband for Dolls:

Stack 2 shamrocks. Use a running stitch down the middle to attach the two. If you need some tips on a running stitch there are step by step details here. After it is stitched together you will bend the halves of the shamrock to make it more 3D.

To help it hold its 3D look, bend each solid shamrock in half so the seam where the two shamrocks meet is facing up. With a little glue in the center, place both ends of a piece of 7” elastic in the glue. Glue a small piece of felt over the spot where the two ends of the elastic meet.

Now this little 3D shamrock makes an adorable headband!

How to make a Shamrock and Circle Shirt Pin

To make the shirt pin, cut a circle of felt that is just big enough for a shamrock to fit on. Glue a small piece of felt over the stationary side of a safety pin. It is ready to adorn your favorite doll shirt. Now this plain white t-shirt is a festive St. Patrick’s Day shirt!

How to make a Shamrock Shirt or Scarf Pin

Keep it simple and just add a safety pin to the back of a little felt shamrock! Glue a piece of felt over the stationary side of the safety pin and it’s ready for play!

Pin it on a scarf or on a shirt to add a little St. Patrick’s Day Pizzazz!

These 3 simple felt shamrocks will be a fun “pinch free” accessory for St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether or not you have some green in your dolls wardrobe you can add in a little shamrock fun! Try one or try all three!

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post.

  • Dolls: Morgan- American Girl #25, Emily- American Girl Historical Character
  • Outfits: Doll jeans sewn by Anna. The skirt, shirt, and jacket we have had for a long time and I’m not sure the maker. Scarf,  Gold Boots 
  • Scene: The ice cream sundae is a lip gloss.

Create, play, create, play, create, play!