Duck tape doll skirt

Today’s craft is one I have wanted to try ever since Char posted the first Duck tape outfit I had ever seen. Last October Char shared with us an inspiring post – How to Make a Duck Tape Doll Dress, and I had forgotten about it until I my sister sent me the Mario Duck tape she found and it triggered my memory. I knew I had to make a doll skirt and share with you all how to make this easy addition to your dolls wardrobe.

For today’s craft you will need:

Make duck tape skirt for dolls

Step 1 – cut out your pattern

Make duck tape skirt for dolls

Step 2– Use your pattern pieces to cut out the base of your skirt from scrap paper. When a pattern says to cut on fold it means that you will need two of those pieces. As we are not using fabric cut two A pieces and then cut one B piece on a folded piece of paper as shown in the photos.

make duct tape skirt for dolls

Step 3– Tape the two A pieces together and cover one side with your duck tape.

duck duct tape doll skirt

Cover one side with one type of duct tape, then cover the other side with the second one. TRIM the extra pieces as you go or at the end. I used my pattern to help me trim the tape after.

Step 4- Repeat the steps and cover the smaller piece as shown in the above photos

Step 5- Attach the two pieces together with one strip of each of the patterned tape along the edge. The pattern pieces tell you exactly where to join them, refer to them if you are unsure.

reversible no sew doll skirt

Step 6– Now it is time to use your sticky back Velcro to help hold your skirt in place. First I lay my doll on the skirt and wrapped one edge of the skirt over her to her hip. I held it in place and put one side of my Velcro circle in place I used the fuzzy soft one.

Then I put the rough sided one on top of it and then lay the skirt over, this attached the skirt in just the right place.

duck tape doll skirt

Step 7 – I repeated the step and placed another dot where the skirt lined up on the other side.

finished no sew doll skirt

Now your skirt is ready to wear. *Tip if your skirt bottom doesn’t line up then you can carefully trim the bottom.

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft and I can not wait to share more with you next week.