How to make a doll sized charm bracelet

Today I wanted to show you how to make a charm bracelet for your doll. Here is how to make a bracelet for your doll or as gifts for friends dolls.

doll bracelet supplies

You will need:

  • Stretch Magic cord (I got mine at Michael’s. There are several sizes, but I bought 1mm for today’s craft. If you are using seed beads you will need to go with something thinner. Cost around $4.99)
  • Beads, mine are 1/4 inch faux peals (I got a large mixed container from Michaels but you can get a smaller amount for $4.99)
  • Jump ring
  • Charm (left over from last week’s craft)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Clear nail polish (you can use glue but nail polish works faster and you need less)

Step 1– measure 7 inches of cord and cut

making doll bracelets

Step 2– add your beads to the cord and continue beading until you get to 3-3/4 inches

making doll bracelets

Step 3– carefully tie the ends around your dolls wrist

making doll bracelets

Step 4– tie a double knot tightly while the bracelet is still on your doll

making doll bracelets

Step 5– carefully remove from your dolls wrist and apply some clear nail polish to your knot. When dry this will keep the knot from slipping! Let the polish dry about two minutes.

making doll bracelets

Step 6 – you should trim the excess cord from the knot and place on your dolls wrist, making sure it fits perfectly. Open a jump ring and get your charm ready for step 7.

making doll bracelets

Step 7 – find the location you would like the charm to hang. I usually do the opposite side from the knot.

making doll bracelets

Step 8– remove the bracelet from your dolls wrist and carefully separate the beads from where you want the charm to sit and feed the open end of the jump ring around it. Add the charm and close. I used my fingers but you could use pliers.

doll sized charm bracelet

Your charm bracelet is ready to wear. You can add more jump rings and charms if you would like. If you do not have charms you can still make a bracelet for your doll and you can make it special by adding a bead of a different color as shown below.

charm bracelet for 18" dolls

I hope you enjoyed today’s craft!