No Sew Doll Bikini

As we approach the summer season I thought it would be fun to show you an easy way to make no sew bikinis for your dolls for under $2.

To make your own bikinis like the ones shown above you will need:

No sew doll bikini

Step 1– Print out the pattern pieces, cut out and follow the instructions on the pattern to assemble.
Step 2– Open and unfold your table cloth. Make sure it is still doubled in the middle.

Step 3– Make the bikini top first. Carefully cut out on the fold your bikini top as shown in the photos above.
Step 4– Open your cut out top and place on your doll as shown in the photos above. Tie around the back as shown.

Step 5– Use another piece of the plastic table cloth to create a bow in the center of your bikini top as shown in the photos above.

Step 6– Before you cut out the bottom piece, make sure that you are still working along the folded edge. Carefully cut out your piece from the table cloth.
Step 7– Once cut out open and place on your doll, tie at the sides as shown.

Your doll is ready for the beach! You can make several bikini’s from one plastic table cloth which makes them a really fun and affordable party craft.

Today I used:

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you will give this craft a try!