Valentines and heart shaped boxes go hand in hand. I really wanted a doll sized heart box for Valentines this year.  I looked here at these paper heart boxes that featured here the last couple of years.  Super cute and easy to assemble.  Only one problem.  I wanted my heart box to be red on the inside and sides.  Yep, that shiny Valentines red, that is on every heart box full of Valentines sweets. 🙂

Doll sized Valentine heart box

So I designed my own version that accomplishes just that, with red duck tape and cardboard.  Best of all, it looks the part!  When I showed it to someone in my family they thought it was a mini Valentine I bought at the store!  Mission accomplished! 🙂

Doll sized Valentine heart box

Of course you can make it in any color you like and fill it full of any little dolly gifts!

These are the supplies you’ll need:

  • red duck tape and a patterned duck tape for the top (or any combination you like)
  • Heart Box Pattern PDF (click to download)
  • scissors
  • cardboard (think cereal boxes)
  • pencil or pen
  • ribbon 10”(not pictured)
  • hot glue gun-optional (not pictured)

1. Getting the Pieces Ready

Print off the Heart Box Pattern PDF.  Cut out the heart and the rectangle strip.  Trace two hearts and two strips onto the cardboard.  Cut the shapes out of the cardboard.

Put pieces of duck tape to cover the heart on both sides of each heart.  Trim off the extra tape around each heart.

Cut a strip of duck tape the length of the rectangle strip. Place the rectangle strip on the edge of the tape.  Fold the cardboard strip over so that both sides are now covered in tape.  Trim the tape so only 1/2” of the tape remains along the side.  Trim off the extra tape at the top and bottom of the strip.

Cut the extra tape that is left on the side, into a fringe.  Make cuts about every 1/4”.

2. The Top or Lid of the Box

We are going to add the rectangle strip to the top or lid of the box.  The tape fringe you cut is what will secure the strip to the heart.  Push the fringe out with your fingers a little at a time so that the sticky side faces the heart surface.  Start at the point on the bottom of the heart and carefully place the strip around the heart.  Position it 1/4” from the hearts edge.  It is easy to lift the strip and reposition if you don’t get it right the first time.  Work in small sections making sure you like it before you move on.

When you get back to where you started trim off any of the extra strip that is left over.  Press the fringe down to get a good stick.

Secure where the rectangle strip starts and stops with tape.  As shown in the photo below, use a strip of tape that overlaps where the two edges meet.  Fold the tape snuggly over the edge, towards the inside of the heart.

Line the inside of the heart with strips of tape to secure the fringe.

3. The Base of the Box

First of all does it matter which side is the top and which side is the bottom?  Not really, unless you have a plan for this little heart box.  A plan that will be fully revealed next week and will only work if the designated top is the top and the designated bottom is the bottom! 😉

So how do you tell the top from the bottom?  Here is my little reminder:

The top fits over the top of the base.

We are going to make the base next and as you will see it fits snuggly inside the top!

Prepare another rectangle strip the same as the first.  After it is ready to go, place it inside the rim of the heart lid.  Look carefully at the first picture below (1).  See the sticky side of the tape fringe?  It is important it faces out like that.  When you get back to where you started trim the end of the rectangle strip so it will fit snug inside the rim (2).  The fringe will be sticking straight up (3).  Press the fringe down towards the inside of the heart (4).

Place the heart on top of the smashed down sticky tabs(1).  Try to center it, by lining it up to be even with the other heart.  Press it down and then gently lift it up, to separate the bottom from the top(2).  Press the fringe down around the inside to secure(3).  Just like the top or lid of the box, add tape at the point where the two ends of the strip meet.  Place strips of tape in the middle, over the fringe, to finish it up.  (See section 2. The Top or Lid of the Box, above for pictures and more details on these two steps)

Now what if there is a little tape showing where the strip meets the heart?  Just press it together like pictured below.  These two pieces come apart the easiest right after it’s made.  Be gentle with it.  When it has been left overnight the tape forms a more permanent bond that makes this much more durable in the next day or two.

4. Decorating the Top of the Lid

You can stop here with a solid color box and fill your heart with little treasures!

If you want to decorate the top, I have a simple way to add a little pizzaz to your heart with a little duck tape and ribbon.  Just a little reminder that this is where you need to make sure you know the lid, or top of the box, from the bottom.  Remember my little saying, “The top fits over the top of the base”!

Take 10” of ribbon and cut it in half so you have two 5” segments.  Place one segment overlapping the edge of the widest part of the heart, as pictured below(a).  With a piece of duck tape large enough to cover half the heart, line up one edge of the tape with the edge of the heart where the ribbon sticks out(b).  Repeat with the other half of the heart(c).  Bring both pieces of ribbon across the heart and tie in a bow(d).  Flip the heart over(e).  With a pair of scissors trim the extra duck tape around the heart(f).  Take care to not cut the ribbon.  Trim the ribbon and secure the loops and ends of the bow with a touch of hot glue(g).

Make your doll her very own heart box to hold her little Valentine treasures!

What is in Kit’s heart box you say?  I’m excited to show you next week!  Not because I want to make you wait, but because I want to show you how to make it, too! 🙂

I also know this heart box will be no problem to fill.  It is perfect for doll sized treats, jewelry, and love notes of course!

And just in case you are interested, here are a few more details from today’s post:

Enjoy making your own mini heart box and I’ll see you next week with a Valentines surprise to put inside!