Valentine gifts for dolls craft

This week I thought it would be fun to make a Wrapped Bouquet of Flowers, a Doll Sized Flower Vase and a Valentine Bracelet, for your dolls.

To create the Vase you will need:

  • a bunch of small artificial wire flower bunches from your craft or dollar store, (check the wedding aisle at your craft store)
  • an empty bead container, spray bottle lid or empty small medicine bottle
  • fun foam heart stickers

Step 1– Remove the lid from your container and save for another craft at a later date.

Step 2– Choose two small fun foam heart stickers to decorate your dolls vase, remove backing and stick to your vase.

Step 3– Bend the flower stems into a “U” shape at the bottom, then place them in your vase.  The “U” shape will keep the flower blooms in the vase as well as have the flower blooms just over the top of the vase.  Your vase is ready to use!

To make your Wrapped Flower Bouquet you will need:

  • a small bouquet of wire doll sized flowers
  • paper to wrap your flowers
  • tape
  • scissors 

Step 1– Place your flowers at the corner edge of your paper. Use your pencil to sketch a curved line, creating a cone shape

Step 2– Cut out your paper cone shape

Step 3– Place your flower bunch on one edge and roll and wrap your paper around the flower stems and tape in place

Next to make the Valentine’s Bracelet you will need:

  • beads that spell out “I love my dolls”, as well as a heart shaped bead
  • stretchy elastic or plastic cord for bracelet making cut to 6 inches long (I got mine in a kit with the beads at my dollar store)
  • clear nail polish (I use this on the bracelet knot to help keep the bracelet from opening)
  • scissors
  • your doll

Step 1– Line up your beads, a dolls wrist is the same length as a business card, which is 3 ½ inches long. If your beads are not as large as mine you may need to add additional colored beads to your bracelet

Step 2– If you have not already cut your cord do so and then feed your beads in the right order on to the cord.

Step 3– Tie your bracelet on to your dolls wrist making several knots.

Step 4– Remove from your dolls wrist and use clear nail polish to coat the knots you just made, let dry.

Once you have completed all these steps you have a wonderful Valentines Day gift to give your doll this Valentines Day!

Today I used:

  • My American Girl Doll Chrissa
  • My American Doll Room ( I used a tape loop to secure the vase in my photo to the window sill of my doll room.
  • Clothing shown on Chrissa is handmade by me

I look forward to sharing more doll play fun crafts with you next Friday!