It is going to be a fun year with the Girl of the Year being a gymnast and having such an interesting collection. I already know that our readers will be working their creativity to find ways to add to McKenna’s collection using imaginative crafts, repurposed finds, and less expensive doll line substitutes. Hooray for creativity!

Let’s start today by making McKenna a practice balance beam. For those of you who are not gymnasts, a practice beam is often a little wider, lower to the ground and softer than a competition balance beam. She will practice new skills there before competing them.

Make your own beam for Mckenna

You will need :

  • 5 sponges (I got mine at the dollar store)
  • 1 roll of duct tape (color of your choice – Duck brand makes it in wild patterns too)
  • A pair of scissors

supplies to make a doll balance beam

You can get all the supplies for less than $3 at the Dollar Store.

how to make a doll sized balance beam

  • Step 1 line up 5 sponges
  • Step 2 add a small piece of tape to hold each of the sponges to each other
  • Step 3 cover your sponges with the tape in long strips, layering as you go covering the entire length and sides of the sponges.

make a beam for McKenna

Once the sponges are covered you are ready for some fun gymnastic themed doll play!

American Girl doll doing Gymnastics

It does take some practice and patience to balance your doll on her balance beam just like in real life!

I look forward to sharing more doll play fun with you next week!