To celebrate Josefina’s birthday today I have a crafty version of the purse pouch that is sold with her accessories!  We don’t have Josefina, so Morgan stood in and modeled for today.   Each AG historical doll comes from a unique time period.  Whether or not you have Josefina, it is fun creating accessories, outfits and scenes from her story for any of your dolls.  You can also create this little pouch purse for modern play!    

This little purse pouch latches close with a little piece of elastic cord.  It has a strap on the back to thread it onto a belt like she is shown wearing with her meet outfit.

I used supplies that you probably have around the house to make this little purse pouch, but if you want to go all out you could make it out of faux leather and thin leather cord.

 I started with a faux leather cord but it was too stiff with the craft foam.  I found that using several strands of embroidery thread worked much better with craft foam.  Here are some of the supplies you need for this project and additional supplies are listed below.


  • scissors
  • craft foam
  • embroidery thread (not pictured)
  • large canning lid
  • brad fastener
  • needle (not pictured)
  • pencil (not pictured)
  • thin elastic cord(not pictured)

Trace a large canning lid on craft foam two times.  Cut out each circle.

Fold down one side of the circle.  (Ignore the scissors, they are holding down the fold for the picture!)

Place the second circle on top of the first and fold it the same.  Use the first fold as a guide for the second.

Cut the second circle along the fold line.  Trim it another 1/4″

Place the cut semi-circle on top of the whole circle.  Fold the flap down and mark the low point of the fold.

Thread thin elastic chord onto a needle and place a stitch at the mark on the semi-circle.  Pull the elastic chord to loosen the stitch to make a small loop.

Turn the semi-circle over, tie off and trim the elastic cord.

Line up the semi-circle on the circle.  With a needle and embroidery thread, stitch around the outside of the layered circles.  Tie off the thread at the start and finish of the stitching.  You can also use a dab of glue between the front and back layers to secure the ends.


Cut a thin strip of craft foam.  Turn the pouch to the back and glue the strip to the top.

The brad fastener is placed on the top flap.  The elastic loops over the brad fastener.  This little pouch purse is ready for play.


What should we fill it with?

 It will hold a few treasures!

 Thread the little pouch on a belt and she can wear it at her waist. 

 Attach a long handle to make a purse for modern play!

Just in case you are interested, here is a little more about today’s post.

  • Doll- Morgan AG #25
  • Outfit-Dress and hat are thrift store finds. Vest is made by Anna.  Boots are from Saige’s meet outfit.

 Time travel with historical doll play!