doll sized ornament craft

For today’s post I wanted to share a “dollar store gem” I recently found. For $1.25 at my dollar store (which is owned by Dollar Tree in the USA) I got 15 Christmas balls that are the perfect size to decorate a doll or miniature tree.

The fun begins when you personalize the ornament with your dolls name and then use it when you set your doll’s holiday table, as a place card.

To personalize your Christmas ball you will need:

  • Small Christmas ball like the ones shown above
  • A permanent marker
  • * optional stickers, glitter glue, gem stickers, or other items to personalize and decorate the balls
  • *optional a copy of the poem below

Step one: Use the permanent marker to write your doll’s names on the ball, let it dry. Make one for each of your dolls or some for your friends and family.

Step two: Decorate the ball with stickers and glitter or glue on gem stones if you would like.

Step three: Print out or copy the poem below and attach a copy with the ball when giving it to friends.

I was sent a Christmas Ball with this poem which you may wish to copy and include with your personalized Christmas Balls to friends, family or even your dolls.

“A ball is a circle, no beginning and no end. It keeps us together like our circle of friends. But the treasure inside for your to see, is the treasure of friendship that you have granted to me. Today I pass the friendship ball to you. Pass one on to some one who is a friend to you~ Anonymous”

So weather you use your Christmas balls to decorate your own doll Christmas tree or you use them to set the perfect holiday table place cards I hope you have a wonderful time making this craft for your dolls.