- Do not copy this imageNote – I first published these tips in October of 2006 – yes, that is how long has been around – and thought you might find them helpful!

While on our trip to American Girl Place this summer I noticed the ladies in the doll salon were using toothbrushes to do the dolls’ hair. I asked our Personal Shopper about this and she said that using a small spritz of water (don’t forget to cover your doll’s eyes) and a clean toothbrush is a great way to tame the frizzies around your doll’s face. You can use the toothbrush on dolls with short hair, too. We use one for taking care of Kit and our new Bitty Twins and we love the results.

Other doll hair tips include:

  • Use doll brushes only – do not share a brush with your doll. The oils from your hair will ruin hers.
  • Always spritz. Damp hair is easier to work with and less prone to breakage.
  • Brush from the ends and work your way up.
  • Be gentle – your doll can’t tell you if you are pulling too hard.
  • Don’t let your dolls sleep in your bed – you move around alot at night and your doll will wake up with bed-head, too.

Do you have any other doll hair care tips? Feel free to share them here!