We LOVE seeing what our doll friends are up to and love it even more when they share creative ideas like the one Angie sent me last week. She took a computer desk (armoire) they no longer use and turned it into an American Girl Doll house.

American Girl doll house from computer closet

Angie’s note to us:

My name is Angela Blake and I am the proud mother of a nine year old American Girl enthusiast.  Elizabeth received her Kit doll and bed last year for Christmas.  We were amazed by the quality they offered.  In fact, I was disappointed that we had waited so long.  I have always been fascinated with the world of dollhouses and miniatures and couldn’t have been more thrilled to share it with my daughter.   I am certain that it is the attention to detail in AG’s realistic accessories that has her playing for hours.  With Christmas money Elizabeth also purchased a cloth Our Generation dollhouse and Kitchen set for her new friend Kit.  Everything fit perfectly but it wouldn’t last.  We were heading to Baltimore in the summer and with all the luck the D.C. store was opening just the weekend before our trip.  Elizabeth had a year’s worth of report card money burning a whole in her pocket and we may have missed the grand opening but we had a blast picking out new items for her collection.  With holidays, Birthdays, and straight A’s it didn’t taken long to run out of space, which left me looking for another storage solution.

I searched and searched online looking for something bigger, sturdier, neater, and yet affordable.   I found your website and the amazing dollhouse built by the pilot.  I tried to follow the link but it ended in a dead end.  My wheels started turning.  I had already become accustomed to re-purposing household items like doilies and jewelry boxes for Kit sized fun so it was like a duh moment when I walked past the old armoire that had turned into an over-sized junk drawer.  I emptied it out and started to work.

DIY upcycled dollhouse for American Girl dolls

First, I removed the backing.  Then, I started on the floor with some leftover flooring from a home improvement project.  Because Elizabeth already had enough furniture to fill it up I opted to keep the keyboard tray to provide additional room.

DIY dollhouse flooring

Next, I converted the original CD storage area into a closet with a couple of screws and a piece of PVC.  I left an opening for a door on the bottom floor because the entire backside which is now all wood doubles as a cheaper alternative to Kit’s tree house.

make your own closet for doll clothes

I replaced the above monitor storage shelf for additional storage but the girls thought it made a great bunk bed.   Lastly, I  tried to wallpaper and paint but nothing seems to stick to that slick black surface so we used wall decals and hung a few pictures.

DIY american girl dollhouse

Kit moved in and Rebecca visits often.  The kids love to play in the mansion but… Christmas is around the corner and I happen to know that storage is going to be an issue.  This remodel has given me the confidence to think bigger.  I have a master plan and would love to share it with you once it’s complete.  I hope that like the Pilot’s house I can give others some ideas.  Thank you so much for letting me share.

And more photos:

Dollhouse room for american girl dolls

Kit’s  bedroom

DIY Doll house living room

A closer look in the dollhouse.

doll house kitchen for 18" dolls

I love their doll’s kitchen!

dollhouse table on keyboard drawer

The keyboard drawer in the kitchen pulls out to make space for the dining room table. Perfect!

American Girl doll house from computer closet

And here is another look at the dollhouse Angie made for her daughter’s growing American Girl collection. What a great use of space and a neat way to store all your doll things and create a creative place to play!

As always, if you have doll storage solutions you want to share or any doll related photos you want us to feature, just email them to share@dolldiaries.com.