So, yesterday we went to the American Girl store and had taken time to put together a list of things we “knew” we wanted (Caroline’s Holiday Gown) and things we just might need (the Casual Chic set and the Pretty Pink Coat set) and things we had no intention of buying but really wanted to see up close for ourselves (Julie’s VW).  We covered every inch of the upstairs, then headed downstairs. Then we stopped at the Sweet Treats Bar to get some “thinking food” …

That means the Celebration Milkshake and a sugar cookie for Natalie and a chocolate bar and cup of coffee for me.

We talked about what we saw, what “spoke” to us and what was just crazy. We looked all over the top floor again and then back down to the bottom floor and when all was said and done, we ended up with one doll, one outfit, a sweater for a reader giveaway and a few sweet goodies that I will show you later.

So, you saw that we did get Caroline’s Holiday Gown and gave it to Elizabeth for a birthday present. And many of you guessed that the new doll is Caroline or Molly. But is it????

American Girl Ruthie

Surprise!!! Welcome Ruthie to our doll family!! 

American Girl Ruthie

One area of the store had a display featuring Molly, Emily, Kit and Ruthie on a shelf. Natalie and I both looked up at it and immediately said, “RUTHIE!” Yes, Ruthie needed to come home with us today. She is the only one of the Historical Best Friend dolls that we did not have yet. We don’t have a medium length hair brunette either. And purple was definitely the color of the day. So we lined a few Ruthies up side by side and decided that this one was the one. If you get the chance to buy a doll in the store I do recommend you get a few down from the self and compare them side by side – there are differences. A few of the Ruthies were really, really pale, and some had prettier eyes than others.

We still need Molly to complete our original collection, but she might have to go on my Christmas list. 

American Girl Ruthie and Elizabeth

Ruthie and Elizabeth love their best friends Kit and Felicity, but obviously they have something else in common – they LOVE purple! The lighting in my office is bad tonight so I will have to take more detailed photos over the next few days. Caroline’s Holiday Gown is actually worth every penny! From the detailed headband to the special touches in the dress, the gloves (not pictured) and the sweet shoes, it is just fantastic!

American Girl Ruthie and Elizabeth

I will also get all of our best friends together for a group photo sometime soon – we have Elizabeth, Ruthie, Nellie, Emily and Ivy.  Plus, I need to share some of the other photos I took while we were there, but we have all week to catch up!

Have a great evening!