I have had a few friends ask where they can get matching doll and girl outfits for their daughters and then I have friends who say they wish they knew how to sew because they would love to make a one of a kind outfit for their daughter and/or her doll. I have the answer for both of those friends – FashionPlaytes!!

Before I get going on what Fashion Playtes is, how it works and show you what I made, I have to share this awesome FashionPlaytes coupon with you first. $10 off on orders of $50 or more with code FP10 at FPGirl!

Fashion Playtes

So I had the opportunity to try out FashionPlaytes a few weeks ago – I was going to let Natalie do the designing, but she was at school and I needed to get the design in by a certain time so they could send it out to me quickly.  Fashion Playtes has basic clothing pieces for girls ages 5-12 (roughly) and 18″ dolls. The outfits available include dresses, hoodies, tops, yoga pants, pajamas, and more. The idea is that you or your fashion loving daughter can go into the Fashion Playtes site, select the clothing item(s) she wants, choose the color and then choose the embellishments. There are over a million combinations from basic to bling, so every girl can find something to match her style.

Fashion Playtes design your own doll clothes

Of course, I decided to make something for our dolls! I was given a $25 gift certificate to choose my item for review so I started with a basic doll dress. The dress itself is $10 – not bad. I chose the color – I thought this teal blue would look good on all our dolls. Then I picked the embellishment for the top – $3.00. There are close to 40 different embellishments I could choose from for the bodice from blinged out initials to animals to sports and this cute little butterfly. Next I chose the trim ($5.50) – there are 90 different trim options you pick from, too!!  I previewed my item and added it to my cart. The dress with embellishments ended up being $18.50 – a pretty good value, especially when you add the value of the customization experience to it.  I could have easily made the matching dress for Natalie or designed matching PJs (hmmm, that gives me an idea for Christmas!).

Fashion Playtes design your own doll clothes

The very next week my package arrived. The dress was wrapped up with a Fashion Playtes sticker on it and there were two sheets of cute stickers for Natalie to use in notebooks or on her bulletin board.

Fashion Playtes doll dress

And here is the finished version of the dress I designed on FashionPlaytes.com. The dress and embellishments are very nice quality – thicker cotton jersey with nicely finished seams.

Fashion Playtes doll clothing

Sonali wanted to model the  dress and we found some doll flip flops that Megan had made at an American Girl party at least 4 years ago that matched perfectly. I’m really glad I picked this color – it is a beautiful blue!!

Fashion Playtes design your own clothes

Here is a closer look at the butterfly embellishment.

Fashion Playtes doll clothes

And a close up of the trim!

The Fashion Playtes girl and doll clothes make a really fun gift! They are a great way to inspire creativity and to make clothing that will not only last, but will make childhood memories, too.

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