I was at Jo Ann’s this morning to pick up some crafting supplies for upcoming Day of Doll Play activities when I noticed three things – not only were there some cute NEW Springfield Doll clothes on the rack, but some of them had scratch off codes for the SFStyleClub.com site AND the Springfield Dolls and their clothes are 25% off at Jo Ann right now. I have no idea how long this will last, but that means you can pick up a new friend for your dolls for about $15 or get them a new outfit for about $7 or get them some new shoes or glasses for about $2.

Springfield Doll Clothes

So for about $15, I got both of these outfits. One is a black and white tank top with an elasticized waist and yellow capri leggings, and the other one is a zebra striped sun dress. I picked these outfits, specifically, because they had a scratch off code. When I got home I scratched one code and entered it into Natalie’s SFStyleClub  account. It was worth 5 extra points. I will let her scratch the other one and see what it has.

Julie and McKayla

American Girl doll Julie and Madame Alexander Favorite Friends McKayla offered to be my models this morning. Julie wanted the capri set which I paired with black and white shoes from Adora and the messenger bag I made last week. Since McKayla has a partial soft body, she looks great in sleeveless or strappy dresses. She likes the zebra dress, however, it is just a tiny bit too big for her around the chest. I will have to test it out on one of the other girls later. Her shoes are from a retired American Girl holiday outfit and she is carrying a Springfield Collection silver purse.

American girl Julie

Julie looks too cute with her hair in braids and her new top on!

These outfits are not on the Springfield Collection online store yet, but they are in your virtual dressing room on the SFStyleClub.com site.