My favorite mouseling, Angelina Ballerina, was recently the focus of the paparazzi when she was spotted swapping clothes with Suri Cruise – the daughter of celebrities Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes – who also happens to be a major dolly girl.

The Dance with Me Angelina Ballerina that Suri was toting before gymnastics class is from Madame Alexander and is 36″ tall.

Madame Alexander sent us this famous mouse to review and little did I know the my girls, ages 13 and 10, would go crazy for their long lost childhood companion. From about 2000 until 2006, Angelina’s TV show (on PBS) and the DVDs were watched daily. The girls danced around to her songs, I read her books to them regularly and they had an Angelina matching game that got lots of play time too.

Dance with Me Angelina Ballerina

Megan got her bid in early and quickly swept Angelina away, up to her room and next thing you know, Angelina was logging in to her laptop.

Angelina Ballerina

Next Angelina thought she might want to paint her fingernails – but then she remembered, she doesn’t have any – she’s a plush doll.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina spotted a balance ball in the room and thought maybe she would do some exercises to tone her fluffy middle. You can see the elastic straps under her feet – those are so you can hook them over your shoes and dance with Angelina on your feet.

Angelina Ballerina

Exhausted for her workout she ventured to Natalie’s room and found a nice comfy striped pillow and more plush friends to hang out with. Nap time for Angelina!

Angelina is a classic in our house and the Dance with Me Angelina Ballerina would make a great gift for girls of all ages. You are never too old for Angelina.