Custom My Twinn Doll A custom My Twinn Doll is the Perfect Holiday Gift for the special girl in your life. The My Twinn doll is a true keepsake gift that will bring years of enjoyment to any doll fan. The My Twinn dolls are 23″ tall and are created after the purchaser goes through an 11 step process that will give the My Twinn artisans all the information they need to make your doll one of a kind. Due to the fact that the dolls are hand crafted, the My Twinn dolls take up to 4 weeks to be made. In other words, if you are ordering a custom My Twinn doll for someone special for the holidays or a birthday, you need to order well in advance.

When you design your own My Twinn doll you get to choose:

  • An outfit
  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Add freckles, birthmarks and/or an other beauty marks
  • Hair color
  • Hair length
  • Hair style
  • Hair texture

And then you also submit a photo of the girl you want the doll to look like so the artists can really give the doll a personal touch.

Right now My Twinn has a special offer – Get $50 in Free Goods with purchase of $99! from My Twinn The Just Like Me Doll. If you are thinking of ordering a My Twinn doll for the holidays, be sure to get your order placed by November 1st or so to ensure you have the doll in time for the holidays.

The photo above is from Wombat Lullaby on Flickr. For more photos of My Twinn dolls, search for My Twinn on Flickr or check out some of our posts on My Twinn – especially how they measure in comparison to American Girl dolls.