Camp Doll Diaries

One of the most classic of all camp crafts has to be the “sit upon.” At every camp I went to as a kid, we always made them the very first day! A sit upon is simply a little mat or cushion you can take with you so when you sit down in the grass or in the woods for nature class, you bottom stays dry. Sit upons can be made from fabric, plastic tablecloths, duct tape and more. For today’s craft, we will make a very simple sit upon for our dolls.

Camp Doll Diaries - Simple Sit Upon for Dolls

When Carly and April headed outside to do some bird watching this morning the grass was still damp so the sit upons they made definitely came in handy.

Let’s make some for your dolls.

Camp Doll Diaries Sit Upon

You will need:

  • 2 – 4″ squares of fun foam, cardboard, fabric or plastic
  • Duck tape (clear packing tape also works)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or yarn if you want to add a handle

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Sit Upon for Dolls

“Carly, start by cutting your fun foam or fabric into two 4″ squares.” said April.

(If you have a smaller  dolls you will want to scale it down accordingly.)

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Sit Upon for Dolls

“Next,” continued Ivy, “Place both pieces of fun foam together and tape them with the duck tape all the way around.”

(I used the textured fun foam for something different and just covered the edges. You can cover the entire square with duck tape, too, if you would like.)

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Sit Upon for Dolls

“To add your handle, cut a piece of ribbon 6-8″ long and place the ends on your sit upon and cover them with another strip of duck tape,” instructed April.

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Sit Upon for Dolls

“Wow, that was easy!” declared Carly, “and I know these are going to come in handy all summer at camp.”

“This is a perfect spot for watching the birds,” said April. “Let’s put these to the test!”

Camp Doll Diaries - Make a Sit Upon for Dolls

“Perfect,” said Carly. 

Now, there are obviously lots of different ways you can make this. Use my way as INSPIRATION. If you use a thinner foam or have a heavy duty hole punch, you can punch holes all the way around and thread ribbon through the holes to keep the two layers together. You can put padding in between your layers, too. Or you can use fabric and cover it with clear packing tape to make it water resistant and easy to wipe off.

I can’t wait to see what your sit upons look like!! Have a great morning at camp and stop by this afternoon for something new.