I LOVE seeing things you make for your dolls, their play spaces and how your store your collection! And I thank everyone who sends photos and reports in to me for being so patient – I get A TON of email and sometimes it takes a while before I can get to the goodness you all send in.

One of our readers, Brianne, sent in photos of her dolls’ space. We have seen some great photos of dolls’ houses that use vertical space well, but I really like how Brianne’s dolls have a “rambler” or a one story house. Over to Brianne now…

18" doll house ideas

My name is Brianne, and my Mom and I have created an American Girl Dollhouse in my room. My room is an attic, and there is plenty of space. The dollhouse takes up half of my room, but I honestly don’t mind. Here is an idea of how big it is.

18" doll house ideas

This is the living room. The couch I got for Christmas a while back. The armoire I found in an Antique Store, and my mom spray painted it. Inside is an American Girl TV. As for the red chairs, I found one in an antique store, and had to buy the other on eBay. I also have a fireplace, which is from the Christmas caroling statues. The coffee table is also from an antique store, and I bought it for $4.

18" doll house ideas kitchen

This is part of the kitchen. Most of the furniture in my dollhouse is not American Girl. I find doll sized furniture in antique stores, flea markets, and occasionally in a store. Most of the things in this photo are from antique stores. I also have the kitchen set from Target, and Samantha’s table and chairs, which were a gift from one of my Aunt’s co workers.

18" doll house kitchen ideas

This photo has a better view of the table. The purple dishes, bowls, and coffee cups are Tupperware. The pitcher is a hand painted creamer. The salt and pepper shakers, and the bowl holding the strawberries are from an antique store. The strawberries were also found in an antique store. I got a whole bagfull for $16, because they were special order. The pink and silver cabinet is from Hobby Lobby, and the washer and dryer are from Target.

18" doll house ideas bathroom

This is the bathroom. The vanity and toilet are from American Girl. The tub is from Walmart, and the hamper is from a doll store. The towel rack I believe my Mom found at Ross or TJ Maxx.

18" doll house bedroom ideas

This is the first half of the first bedroom. From left to right you have my dolls Nellie, Andy, Kanani, and Bria. Kit’s bed is in this corner of the bedroom. My Uncle bought it for me at a flea market, for $60. I have a retired pillow from American Girl that Nellie is using. On the blue bookshelf is a birdcage, which is going to be the next craft project my Mom and I will do next.

18" doll house ideas

This is the other half of the bedroom. From left to right we have Ronney, Rylee, Blake, and Abby. Their puppy’s name is Brielle, and she is a Webkinz labradoodle. The bed is the new trundle bed from American Girl. The rug is a locker rug I bought at A.C Moore. The shelf and hutch were from an antique store, and my mom spray painted them. The chair that Abby is sitting on was made by my grandfather when my mom was a little girl. She was cleaning out the eaves in the attic one day and I took it and ran! The orange cabinet that is somewhat in the photo is also from an antique store, which my mom spray painted as well.

18" doll house ideas bedroom

Next, we go to bedroom number two. This room has two beautiful bunk beds with trundles that my mom bought for me off eBay. The side tables my mom found at either TJ Maxx or Marshalls, although you can only see one. The multi colored cubby is from Hobby Lobby. I make my own artwork for my dollhouse. In the photos I have sent you can see them. The white poster I made when I only had 6 dolls. The one to the right is Rylee’s full name, because I could not add to it due to all the buttons. The bedding my mom hand sewed together, and it is double sided. The red rug is from Ikea.

18" dollhouse ideas

This is the corner of the bedroom. The desk is Molly’s school desk from American Girl. I found it in an antique store for $65. The white shelf is a mini pie chest my mom found at Homegoods. We also have their other dog, Buddy, sleeping in his bed.

I hope you enjoyed my dollhouse tour. I have been dying to send this in to Doll Diaries for a very long time. My dollhouse brings me such joy that I just had to share it with people who I know would appreciate it. I wish I could show you more details of the rooms, like the decorations, but I’ll save that for another day.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Brianne for sharing your creative and very loved doll space with us. You have very lucky dolls!