I’m home from Toy Fair 2012 and don’t even know where to start with sharing all the photos and great information I got while I was there. Well, I do now!! I just got off the phone with one of my good  friends whose daughter is in the middle of her third chemotherapy treatment as I type! She is a freshman in high school and one of the strongest, most beautiful and most inspirational girls I know. The great news is that Katie’s most recent scan came back clear so she has definitely won this battle with cancer, but her fight is on-going and this will always be part of her.

For Katie and all the other children who have or have had some form of cancer, MGA has heard you and has made six absolutely fabulous dolls JUST FOR YOU!!

true hope moxie girlz and bratz dolls support childhood cancer

This is the poster that was hanging on the wall in the MGA Entertainment area of Toy Fair. I stopped by their area in hopes of getting a little more information about these little beauties. I was so impressed that their PR Rep, Susan, immediately welcomed me in, answered all my questions, let me see the dolls up close, pick them up, pose them for photos, and even wanted to see photos of our friend Katie. MGA has officially WON MY HEART!

True Hope Bratz dolls for childhood cancer City of Hope

Here are the True Hope Bratz® dolls – Cloe™, Yasmin™ and Cameron™ – aren’t they neat? Honestly, I have never been a huge fan of the Bratz line – some of their dolls are okay, but some I found a little too “grown up” for the audience they targeted, however these three are by far the best Bratz yet. As you can see, each one is hairless and comes with a cute hat to keep their heads warm and stylish. They also come with a bracelet for their “owners” that shows their support for boys and girls who are bravely undergoing treatment for this horrible disease.

bald moxie girlz dolls

And here are two of the True Hope Moxie Girlz™ dolls – Jaxson™ and Sophina™ showing off their style. MGA Entertainment is going to donate $1 for everyone of the True Hope dolls sold to the charity City of Hope as their way of helping build awareness and raise funds for cancer research.

True Hope Moxie girlz bald and supporting childhood cancer research

Another photo of True Hope Moxie Girlz Sophina™ and Avery™.

I was talking with Susan about the the True Hope line and asked why MGA decided to make these dolls now. She explained that MGA heard about the ever growing Facebook campaign calling for a “Bald Barbie” and that their competitor didn’t seem interested in taking on the challenge. MGA Entertainment is a smaller company that can respond much quicker to the needs of the marketplace. Once they heard the public’s passionate call for a doll that children who are going through cancer treatment (or have gone through) could truly relate to and get comfort and inspiration from, they started working on the prototypes and getting the dolls ready for the marketplace.

The “True Hope” line of dolls will be available for sale at Toys R Us in June 2012 and I predict they are going to be a resounding hit! The number of lives that are touched by cancer each year is staggering – having a doll they can hold and find strength or inspiration from means a lot to a child – and a parent.

Visit the Moxie Girlz Facebook page and tell MGA Entertainment thank your for listening! I can not wait to see these in stores this summer and I know who I will be buying one for – the strongest girl I know – Katie!