Do you remember all the way back to day one of the 100 Days of Doll Play? It was the Ice Cream Party activity with the printable ice cream cones that was sponsored by American DollHouses.

Doll Diaries Ice Cream Party

If you subscribe to the American DollHouses newsletter, you may have seen the additional printables that they created to go with the activity and if you don’t subscribe to it, you should ;-).

Start with some adorable pink and green posie paper plates for your dolls.

free printable dinner plates for dolls

Download and print out the Ice Cream Shoppe Paper Plates as a PDF file. Just print and cut out the plates! You can either print them out on card stock to start with or cut out matching circles from fun foam and glue the design on for a more durable plate.

printable ice cream shoppe menus for dolls

Your dolls will be so happy if  you download these printable Ice Cream Shoppe menus for them so they know what to order! Download and print the menus as a PDF file.

And in case you missed it, visit the Day 1 Ice Cream Party for the printable ice cream cones.

Thanks to American DollHouses for sharing these with us! I’m going to print out a set of these now to surprise Natalie when she gets home from school.