Bling out doll furniture with #gemzandbling

If you ask me (and Anna ūüėČ ) you can never have “too much” sparkle in your world! I am excited to share a super simple project you can do to add sparkle to basics in your doll room as part of a campaign I was invited to participate in from Darice.

Darice Gemz and Bling on a Roll

A few weeks ago, I received this big box of BLING!! And when I say bling, I mean Gemz and Bling on a Roll in every size and color. I immediately started thinking about how we could use this and honestly, the list of ideas just goes on and on Рfrom a simple doll belt like Gwen is wearing in the top photo to a headband like Ivy has on, to blinging out doll shoes, doll sized electronics, frames and more. But I wanted to do something a little different Рsomething that would get even more use and I realized, I really have a shortage of chairs in the doll room. A blinged out chair would be the perfect addition to our collection!

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

Supplies needed to make a blinged out chair for your dolls:

  • A basic chair (or similar piece of doll furniture)
  • Darice¬†Bling on a Roll¬†in your choice of colors – you can also use the self adhesive¬†Gemz¬†product if you prefer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

The chair I found at the craft store was in the unfinished wood section and was actually a kit – that just so happened to be on clearance (cha-ching). When I got it home, I assembled it in minutes, glued the seams, and took it out to the garage and gave it a quick coat of black spray paint.

This chair has a curved panel at the top that I wanted to show off with the bling. Since it is not a simple rectangular shape I placed a piece of paper over chair and rubbed the outline of the raised panel with a pencil so I could create a pattern. You can use this technique on any shape you have to work with.

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

Next, cut out your pattern and tape it onto a piece of Bling on a Roll that is big enough for the area you want to cover. Then cut around the pattern. I blinged out the front and back of the chair, so I had to cut two pieces.

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

Attach the gems to the surface of the chair with a little hot glue and press into place.

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

In order to trim the edge of the chair, I picked the roll of Bling on a Roll that was three rows of gems wide – a perfect fit for my surface. Using the hot glue, attach the next set of gems. I ended up putting the gems around the seat of the chair and then another set on the top edge of the chair, too.

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

Gwen likes it! You can stop here or add even more bling – it is up to you! I just added a few extra stick on gems on the feet of the chair and under the seat just to finish it off.

Bling out doll furniture with gemzandbling

Ta-da! Gwen ad Ivy love the new chair. I think it would look good in the music room – it actually reminds me of a music note – or in a scene with our doll stage.

I still have quite a bit of bling left over, so don’t be surprised if you see something else get blinged out in the weeks to come!

I wrote this post as part of campaign with Blueprint Social. All opinions are my own.

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