One of our readers, Bella, went to the American Girl store in Dallas yesterday and sent in some photos for us to see.

The “I Love Pets” pajamas. It comes with a nightgown, leggings, slippers, and hair elastics. It is afford-ably priced at $24!

The new apron set for a doll and girl, and cookie cutters.

This is a new “Cozy Lounge Chair” . It is like a pillow with a piece of plastic inside to make it a chair. There also is a wooden table with soda, a checkers game, and nachos on it. It is called the “Fun and Games Table”.
The chair is $48 and the table with the accessories is $58

It is a setting for your American Girl doll. The backdrop and furniture are made out of a stiff cardboard. It includes a bag with a airplane design, a microphone headset for your doll, and food. It is $60.

These are some of the accessories included.

There also is a theater. Everything is also made of stiff cardboard. It includes cups, candy and a movie clapper.

Another view of the set. This set also costs $60.

This is the back. It has a ticket booth.It says Theatre on the sides and on the top there is a place to say the name of your theater.

Finally, there is a new storage unit for your doll.

Thanks Bella for sending these in!