Sophie and her American Girl Horse

When I was in Seattle for the soft opening of the American Girl store, I met a young girl and her mother who had come to the store in hopes of getting help with the hair on their American Girl Doll horse.

You see eight year old Sophia received her horse from Santa and the proper wire brush last year, but her brush had fallen apart so she used something else and now her horse’s hair had split.

I have seen this happen to dolls before and it is important to point out that there are proper ways to care for your American Girl dolls (and Horses) hair. As the hair is not human hair but rather a type of plastic it can break and fray if not treated properly. It is recommended that you lightly mist your doll’s (or Horses) hair before brushing it with a wire wig brush.

I was surprised to see the Salon Staff working on the horse as it never occurred to me that you could have a Spa Day for your horse, too. I just had to ask Sophia and her mom about their experience with the salon.

Sophia was pleased that they were able to work on her horse that she named Savy. Savy is Sophia’s favorite and this horse gets her hair done a lot. I asked how much a horse spa treatment cost and Sophia tells me that for $10 the staff worked on her horses hair and beautifully tied two ribbons to her tail. “They could have re braided her mane but I wanted to do it myself” Sophia told me “and I was able to exchange my brush.”

Sophia told me she really liked horses but was not really into the dolls – in fact she doesn’t have an American girl doll. I had to ask her how she found out about the horses from American Girl and her mom tells me that Sophia’s day care provider has a daughter who was very into American Girl dolls, and Sophia spotted Savy in the catalog and and fell in love. Sophia was very happy to find Santa had left her Savy under her Christmas tree last year and they have been the best of friends ever since.

When I met Sophia she was looking through the book Girls and Their Horses available in the store or at I asked her if she could have any horse at all in real life what kind would it be and she told me “A Pinto or A Palomino.”

New American Girl Stable Horse set

While I was at the Seattle Store I got to see the Stable and Supplies set that is now available online and in the store and it is fantastic.  Along with the book, Taking the Reins, and the new horse Chestnut I believe all horse lovers will be pleased.

I asked if I could take her photo and share her story with you and her she and her mother agreed I could. I would like to thank them for taking the time to talk to me and letting me share their story with you.

I look forward to sharing more ideas with you next week. ~ By Karen of Karen Mom of Three