One of our newer readers, Granof4, sent me some photos of the play spaces they made for two of their granddaughters. The only space that was available was their two dresser tops, so the size was limited by that. For safety’s sake the boxes were screwed in to the tops of the dressers.

18" doll house

The dining room complete with a china hutch, window seat and lights.

dollhouse for american girl dolls

The bedroom is on the “second floor” and Josefina and Elizabeth share it for now.

american girl doll kitchen by our generation

The ever popular kitchen set from Our Generation (check Target stores). American Girl needs to make one of these soon – although I am sure if they did it would be very expensive.

our generation doll kitchen

Another view of the kitchen complete with the checkerboard tile floor.

Josefina in doll kitchen

One of the granddaughters wanted Josefina for Christmas. Here is Josefina getting ready to make lunch.

Elizabeth ready for cake

The other granddaughter wanted Elizabeth. Elizabeth is patiently waiting for Josefina to finish making their lunch so they can have cake afterward.

Thanks so much to Granof4 for sharing these with us. Look for more reader submitted photos tomorrow!! And for more photos of doll houses our readers have made, take a look at our doll houses category.