Meet Hadley. She is better known as LittleMissMatched Rock ‘n Roll Girl.

Little Miss Matched Girl Rock n Roll

After our visit to Kay’s to see all the Barbies, Natalie wanted to stop in Toys ‘R Us and see if there were any Little Miss Matched dolls left because she had some birthday money (still) to spend and she felt like our Uptown Girl Emma needed some company. Natalie loves to sing so she decided that LittleMissMatch Rock ‘n Roll Girl should be next. Rock ‘n Roll girl is fun! She comes with a cardboard guitar, red beret, glasses, an extra mismatched sock and a sling bag.

Tonner Toys Little Miss Match doll

Once we took her out of the box, we decided the beret had to go and we wanted to see what she looks like without glasses. Look at those eyes!!! They are such a pretty shade of purple. Like Uptown Girl, she has such a sweet little face with just a hint of sass. She looks like she would be a great friend, but has a sense of humor, too.

Tonner Toys Little Miss Match doll

We haven’t had a chance to try on any other outfits for Hadley yet but I think she will look great in some of the fashions Natalie creates from the Zany Girl Fashion Pack we already have.

Tonner Toys Little Miss Match dolls

LMM Uptown Girl Emma meets Rock ‘n Roll Girl Hadley.  They may have very different styles, but they are destined to be the best of friends. The Little Miss Matched Girls are 15″ tall and have 10 points of articulation which makes them very pose-able and fun to play with.

Tonner Toys Little Miss Match doll

Emma and Hadley hanging out in my office with “big sister” Ellowyne who is not sure she is happy about being outnumbered by these energetic little souls. She is wishing her best friend Prudence would be here soon.

You can get Little Miss Matched Girl dolls for about $30 from Toys ‘R Us, or Tonner Direct.