As part of Diana’s “mission” to spoil us with history and knowledge of various doll lines, here is her latest find from the Gotz archives! 

Gotz Nathalie 2001

Gotz introduced a new line of dolls in 2001 with this face mold. It was used in different size dolls and even in special collections.  This is Nathalie, she was introduced in 2001. What is so unique about these dolls is that they are upper vinyl (chest, arms and head) then softbody (cloth) then vinyl 3/4 legs.  They stand on their own and they are articulated above the chest.  They are much better made then the Madame Alexander.  Nathalie is 17.5 inches.

Here is Nathalie with her big sister Franja – you can see the difference in size. Nathalie can wear the same clothes (only length difference) and shoes are not a problem.

A close up of Nathalie with her big sister, notice the different face mold.  These were very popular in the early 2000 years and can be found in 17.5 and 19.5 dolls.

Close up of Nathalie, in my opinion she captures the innocence of the young girls throughout the world.  This must be one of my all time favorites.

And now time for another sweet photo story… called “A Girl’s Best Friend” featuring the OZ movie China Girl doll from the Disney Store (3.5″ and under $10).

Oh Little China Doll, I could not resist your blue eyes calling out to me…take me home, take me home…  So home it was that I took you.  You were so happy to be taken out of the box, so I sat you down.

No! No! Little China Doll, do not run away…

Before I knew it she was in the hands of Nathalie.  Oh what a precious pair they make.  Look at those blue eyes an instant friendship was born.

A closer look and you can almost hear what the Little China Doll is asking Nathalie to do.

Can they ever be separated?  Little China Doll is giving Nathalie an ear full of stories…;-)  A Girl’s Best Friend!

The End

Thanks Diana for these beautiful photos and sweet story!