While we are on the topic of AMAZING doll houses for American Girl and other 18″ dolls, here are some photos from Jessica. Her Dad is an architect and has built her dolls a full up TOWNHOUSE – actually it is a nine room Federal style dollhouse for her American Girl dolls and accessories, which she has been collecting for nearly 21 years.

Custom American Girl doll townhouse

Each room is themed especially for historic American Girl dolls.

1774 Dining Room – In 1774, Felicity, Elizabeth and Mia have a tea party in the Dining Room complete with a real oak floor and chair rails.

1853 Bedroom – In 1853, Cecile and Argos relax in the Bedroom with custom printed wallpaper that I designed.


1853 Parlor –In 1853, Marie-Grace and Addy play in the Parlor furnished with a custom-made bookcase, potted plant and bird cage stand for Cochon.

1904 Living Room – In 1904, Samantha, Nellie and Rebecca get together in the Living Room with a custom made phonograph table and custom printed wallpaper that I designed.

1934 Attic – In 1934, Kit and Ruthie work on Kit’s latest newspaper, up in the Attic Office with exposed wood beams and ceiling and a custom built bookcase.

1944 School Room – In 1944, Molly and Emily learn a lot in the School Room in Jefferson, Illinois equipped with a custom made chalkboard, bulletin board, bookcase, real working clock, American flag and JPS1 letters above the door that stand for Jefferson Public School 1.

1944 Theatre – In 1944, Lauren (1995 GT12) enjoys a movie in the American Theatre, outfitted with a real working TV and DVD player, light-up marquee, stage proscenium, red velvet curtains, American flags and World War II posters.

1974 Bedroom – In 1974 Julie and Ivy hang out in the Bedroom, groovin’ with orange shag carpet, psychedelic posters and beanbag from Journey Girls loft bed.

Music Room – Somewhere in time, Kirsten plays the piano in the Music Room decorated with custom printed wallpaper designed by me.

Loft Closet – Up in the loft closet, clothes hang waiting for dress-up time.

More photos can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/AmericanCustomDollHouses

Thank you so much Jessica for sending these in – that is one amazing doll space!