NickiDollDiaries reader Caitlin got a ton of cool American Girl products for Christmas – lucky girl! She received the Nicki doll, Sprocket, Nicki’s gala and skiing outfits, her second book (Thanks to Nicki), Nellie’s Christmas outfit, Nellie’s accessories, her doll Lydia, Addy’s Ida Bean doll, and Kirsten’s rag doll Sari. Wow! Here are her thoughts:

I was overall very impressed with everything I received quality wise. I especially liked Nicki’s cowboy boots because they had hidden velcro closings along the back of them that made them SO much easier to take off! Her cream eyelet body suit was a little bit hard to get on, but not bad. Her hair is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! How do they get the curls to stay like that??? Sprocket was ADORABLE, and I really like him, though he’s not quite as fluffy as he seems in advertising pictures.

Nicki’s books were also very good reads, and I really enjoyed them. The only problem I had with anything I got was Kirsten’s rag doll Sari. She seemed very stiff and non-poseable, not very rag doll like at all. She was cute, but very stiffly stuffed, and her dress was wrinkled from packaging a little.

Another reader, Annabell, got a great set of American Girl lotions lipsticks and books from Bath and Body Works. My girls always love those and I forgot to get them any this year.

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