American Girl Washington DC and Seattle shirts

Each of the American Girl store locations has a line of “exclusive” merchandise that you can only get at that particular location. At the beginning of the summer when the Washington DC store opened, Karen asked if I could pick up a Washington DC shirt for her dolls while I was at the store – to add to her collection that includes shirts from 8 of the 11 stores. Of course, I said, “Sure” and sent her dolls the shirt. When the Seattle location opened, Karen went to get a first hand look, and in return she sent our dolls the American Girl Seattle shirt.

Here are the dolls modeling their shirts side-by-side but from opposite ends of North American – Karen’s dolls are in Vancouver, Canada and my dolls live in the Washington DC area. The distance doesn’t matter one bit – I know if these two dolls were in the same place at the same time they would be instant BFFs! Same goes for Karen and me.

Do you pick up souvenirs from the American Girl stores you visit? If so, what?