The line of American Girl Craft kits can be found at most Michael’s, Joann, Barnes and Nobles and lots of other stores these days. We have picked up a few of them and Natalie has had fun making an apron for her dolls, sewing the Owl, she’s working on the pom-pom scarf and she decided to make the doll totes last night.

american girl crafts doll tote

The Doll Iron-On Tote kit comes with a doll sized tote bag and plenty of doll size and girl size iron ons. The kit only comes with one tote but enough iron ons to make a lot of bags. I hated the idea of wasting all the iron ons so I picked up a few more plain doll sized totes from the craft store and we made a bunch. This would be a fun activity to do at an American Girl birthday party with a group of girls.

doll size tote bags

The off white bag in the lower left corner is the bag that came with the set. The other three were bought separately but all the iron ons were in the Doll Tote craft package – and we still have more!

Kanani and Saila at school

Here we have Kanani wearing McKenna’s school outfit with her new tote bag. She is getting ready to put one of her favorite books in the bag. Maplelea doll Saila needs her notebooks to put in her music bag. The scene also includes the Itz Purple Ice Cream Shop with Julie’s Room Accessories table, AG Minis books and the AG School Desk set.

Kanani goes to school

Here is a closer look at the doll sized tote bag with the iron on decals. Too cute.


Saila decided to change from her boots to her Springfield Doll Crocs for school.

The American Girl Crafts Iron-On Doll Tote set is a good value and fun party activity if you pick up a few extra mini totes or even doll tees. It is a relatively quick and mess-free craft that girls of all ages will enjoy. It does require parental interaction because you have to use an iron to do the transfers.