Now that Julie has her BFF, Ivy here, it was time to get the room set up so the two of them could really kick back and relax!  Check out all the photos below as some of them feature items I picked up at the American Girl store over the weekend and some are from earlier and just haven’t been featured.

Julie and Ivy in their room

The Julie and Ivy room is created by putting two American Doll Rooms together. Ivy’s bed is from Quietude Quilts and her bed cover is just a random piece of fabric we have left over from something, but it works perfect for Ivy.

Julie's side of the room

Julie is super comfy in her Butterfly PJs lounging on her bed. You can see her basketball bag, fuzzy green foot rug, her room accessories and her sound accessories. She even has the American Girl shopping bag we got over the weekend. If you go the American Girl store and buy just a gift card or get something little like chocolate to go in the Bistro, they will give you one of theses super cute doll sized American Girl shopping bags.

Ivy's room

On Ivy’s side of the room you can get a better look at the Quietude Quilts handmade wooden bed and the fun bedspread from a bandana. Ivy is wearing McKenna’s PJs and I think they are just adorable on her.

Berry Purse

This is a closer photo of the super adorable Berry Purse and Shoes set that you can only get in the American Girl stores. The ruffled corduroy pink purse is just too cute for words. It is one of my favorite all time pieces. The set also comes with “miss-match” socks and red, pink and white tennis shoes. I love how you can mix and match the shelves in Julie’s room accessories to come up with all different configurations.


Julie and Ivy are talking about their favorite records and trying to decide what to listen to next. I vote for Saturday in the Park or something nice and relaxing like that.


The music decision has been made so now it is time to just relax, catch up on girl talk and enjoy the popcorn!

I am so glad we decided to get Ivy on Sunday at the American Girl store. She is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites!