Author Alison Hart

American Girl InnerStarU author Alison Hart at the National Book Festival

One of our readers, Madelon, was at the National Book Festival in September on the National Mall and took a few photos of author Allison Hart. Here is what she had to say:

“In the Pavilion of States tent at the Virginia table was American Girl author, Alison Hart. Ms. Hart is the author of “Dive Right in (Innerstar University)“, an Innerstar U book published in August, “Taking the Reins” and “A Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery (American Girl Mysteries)“. Although, Ms. Hart was promoting a book she had written about horses, I was reminded that the author came to the Gaithersburg Book Festival in May and discussed writing American Girl books.

Ms. Hart brought a chart filled with colored stickies to show how a writer can organize her ideas and that the Innerstar Interactive book presented many possibilities. She also displayed a galley copy of her book (with corrections) which was to be published in a few months.

She encouraged the attendees to follow their inspiration and write.”

Thanks again, Madelon, for sharing this with us!