I love how creative you all get! Alyssa needed somewhere to store her American Girl horses so she made them a barn from a box – take a look.

barn from a box for American Girl horses

This is a barn for Saige’s horse! I wanted a place to keep him but the one from AG was a lot of money so I decided to make one! My Mom did help lots and it turned out being very good. This is the front of the barn.

These are  the doors. They open and close they way some barns do. Cookie Dough decided to get in the picture! 

This is one side of the barn. The other side looks the same. I made this barn with a big box, clear packing tape, scissors, and red wrapping paper.

 Here Saige is just inside the barn with Cookie Dough.


Alyssa, what a brilliant idea! I think the barn turned out amazing and thanks so much for sharing it with us!