Just a few notes before this week gets started.

The most important note: I got a message from the hosting company this morning that says my server is being upgraded and my site will be moved to a faster server this week. However, anytime they do a move like that there is potential for downtime. If for some reason you can not get on to Doll Diaries this week, don’t freak out! If the site is down at all, it should only be a short time and it may not be down for everyone at the same time. If I know it is down I will post updates on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts (@dolldiaries).

Second most important note: A lot of you are sending in photos, photo stories, craft tutorials and product reviews. This is AWESOME! I love it! However, ย I can not post everything. Want to increase the chances that your submission will be posted? Make it easy for me!!

  • Include no more than 5 really awesome photos that have been resized to 540 pixels wide. Your iPad or camera phone only take good photos if you have really good natural lighting.
  • Include your description/instructions in your email. Re-read it and fix any obvious spelling errors and incomplete sentences. Not sure if it reads well? Ask a grown up or friend to read it for you before you send it in.
  • It’s got to be original! If you got inspiration from somewhere else, let us know. Please don’t send something you have sent to multiple bloggers to post or something you have already posted on your own site (unless you have changed it up just for us).

Third most important note: Have a great week!ย The photo above is from Madelon. She found those cute purses at the grocery store of all places! What a cute find!