American Girl Saige GOTY 2013

Saige has officially been announced as the American Girl of the Year for 2013 as this photo was posted on the American Girl Facebook page and her books are for sale in stores now, too. The media embargo (the date media and invited bloggers can release the info that American Girl provided them with) date must have been today because all of sudden YouTube video reviews, posts on some the Mommy Blogger sites and news articles have appeared. Here are a few of them – some have video, some have stock photos and some have photos they took themselves.

American Girl Saige Art Set

Saige and her art set. I do like this outfit and the set is very cute too.

American Girl Saige Hot Air Balloon

Saige and her hot air balloon – I am really interested in seeing how big this set is in real life. Like I have said before, I am not a fan of this outfit, but Natalie loves it so we will most likely get it.

American Girl Saige and Picasso

Saige and her horse Picasso. I am not crazy about her horse, but I do like the outfit she is wearing – specifically her boots.

We will be visiting the American Girl store on New Year’s Day to see Saige and her collection for ourselves. Something tells me she is going to be following us home…