Hey girls! It’s Natalie! Today I have put two girls (Saila, Maplelea doll and PenPalGirls doll Emma) in the same dress. It is the PenPalGirls doll striped purple dress. The girls wear it two ways. There is one question though. Who wore it best?

Saila paired her dress with some nice black tights and big boots with little buckles on them. Her hair is down and casual.

Now for Emma to model. Emma has no tights paired with her dress. She has sparkly flats with small purple bows on the tips. Her hair is in two braids and has Kanani’s flowers on the side.

Here are the two girls next to each other. Yes, we do have two of the dresses.:)

So, what do you think? Who do you think wore it best? Want more of these?

This is Natalie signing out. Click!