Zebra Print Inspired Doll Fashions

In honor of this last day of March which is going out more like a lion that a lamb, I decided to highlight some cute doll outfits inspired by the lion’s cousin – the zebra!

Zebra Print Doll Clothes

1. Safari Sundress for American Girl Dolls from American Girl – $24

2. Matching Zebra Print Pillowcase dress for girls and their dolls by CrystalsExpressions – $40.00

3. Zebra print dress for 18″ dolls by PenguinCreations – $8.25

4. Zebra Dress and Bag for Barbie by Gordon4aday – $4.00

5. Green Zebra Capris and Peasant Top Outfit for 18″ dolls by La Sweet Belle – $16

6. Zebra and Pink Dots Romper for Bitty Baby by 2SweetPeasBoutique – $13.50

7. Zebra Sundress for 18″ dolls by CatsMeow – $12.75

8. Snazzy Zebra and Penguin Outfit for 18″ dolls by The Dolly’s Mama – $17.99

9. Zebra Inspired Doll Quilt by Quietude Quilts – $24.00

Seriously, how cute are all of these outfits!! Two questions – which one is your favorite and second, without telling us where you live (because you know that is a “no-no”), is March leaving like a lamb or a lion?

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  1. Wow. Those are all so pretty. I don`t know which one I like the best.

  2. I want them soooo much. How do they find such cool things?

  3. Cool. Thirdy!

  4. I have the safari sundress it is so cute if u r looking for a cute outfit buy the safari sundress!!!!! :)

  5. I like #7 the best, and today March is going out totally lion-ish!

  6. anyone here i love zebra print! :)

  7. I actually have the safari sundress. Its awsome! (Ruthies wearing it right now btw) I like the doll quilt and the snazzy zebra and penguin outfit, though in my opinion it looks more like pajamas than an everyday outfit.. Its still adorable none the less :) Also its inda hard to tell what march is going out as. Its freezing in the mornings (like 34-41 degrees) but in the afternoons it warms up to like the 50s, so yeah Id say march is TRYING to go out like a lamb but the lion refuses to let go idk lol. Sorry for the rambling lol 😀

  8. All of them are cute

  9. My favorite is #5 and it went out like a lamb today!! Which it ALWAYS rains here so I was very lucky!! :)

  10. Loveeeeee the pillow case dress! 😀

  11. Hi everyone I’m back! I still love the safari sundress. I am getting Kanani in June. WooHoo! I <3 the doll. Any new doll info?

  12. I can’t believe Felicity was finally retired 3/28/11. Sad time for Lissy fans.

  13. I wanted to get Elizabeth now she’s gone :(

  14. @Tiara Lucky!!!!!! I cant wait to till I can get Kanani, but im gonna wait until qvc has ag dolls again, because they ALWAYS come with an extra outfit (or something else from the dolls collection) the reason im waiting is because i figured it would be easier to wait that way i can get something extra from her collection and also if theres anything from her collection that i still want ill just have to save up for that (sorry if i confused anyone) Im glad i got felicity andelizabeth when i did. When you guysfirst announcedthey were retiring Iscrimped and saved like a crazy person to buy them.my grandparents hadalready bought me Rebecca for christmas so what we did was since my birthdays in february (not to long after christmas) i bought felicity myself and they got me elizabeth for my b-day. I appologize if it seems like im bragging im not im just telling a story. p.s. for those of you who did not get these dolls (or any other retired doll) theres always ebay and if your lucky enough even yard sales so dont lose hope!

  15. Olivia, but QVC hasn’t had AG dolls since ’09. Oh, I am sorry Kayla. Try amazon.

  16. I really can`t wait until the HC doll comes out. I really hope she has a friend. I`m asuming that her name would be Caroline. And if she had a friend then the friends name might be McKenna. Or vice-versa. I just want Kanani and the new HC coming out.

  17. I hope the new HC is African American the only other AA HC doll is Addy.

  18. beautifulll!