Karen here and today I am sharing my quick and easy craft that you can make for your dolls and make for your friends. This craft uses items you may already have on hand and make great party crafts or holiday gifts!

To make your own you will need:


-Ribbon (4 pieces cut to 11 inches)

-A Low Temp Glue Gun with Glue Sticks

-Holiday Themed Buttons


-A Felt Marker

-A Ruler


Step 1- Gather all your supplies and plug in your glue gun. Fold your felt in half length wise. Use your scissors to cut up the center fold. One piece of felt will give you two aprons!

Step 2- Fold the piece of felt in half again length wise and use your marker and ruler to make a dot at 1 inch from the open ends and 3 inches down. Draw a curved line as I have in the photo above. Use your scissors and cut along the line you just made.


Step 3- Open up your felt and lay it flat. Fold up the bottom of your felt two inches to create a pocket. Use your glue to seal the sides and in the center if you wish.

Step 4- Flip you apron over and add 4 dabs of glue at the points shown in the photo above. Gently press your 11 inch cut pieces of ribbon into place on each dab of glue. Allow to dry and then flip over.

Step 5- Use your scissors to cut the backing off your button or leave as is and add a dab of glue and press into the center front of your apron. Allow to dry and then try the apron on your doll! You can then start on the second piece of felt and create another apron!  You can decorate your apron anyway you want add as many or as little embellishment as you like!

I hope you have fun making these for your dolls and your doll loving friends!