For those of you who do not have Facebook, I don’t want you to miss anything, so here is what we are talking about on the Doll Diaries Facebook page right now.ย 

Maplelea just added some really cute new shoes to their store:

Maplelea doll shoes

And The Doll Wardrobe blog wanted to know if AG dolls can wear Maplelea shoes. Maplelea dolls have slightly longer and more narrow feet than AG dolls, however, Saila’s boots fit the AG’s just fine and so do Taryn’s meet boots.

American Girl and Maplelea dolls

Chrissa is wearing Maplelea Taryn’s meet outfit including her blue lace up boots. They fit her just fine. Actually the whole outfit does and I think Chrissa will keep it on for a while. Now she just needs to kick back and roast some marshmallows with her friend Marisol.

What do you think of Chrissa in Taryn’s meet outfit? ย Maybe Taryn needs to go raid Chrissa’s closet next!