It’s that time of year again!  Time to gather up school supplies for a new school year!


Among other things, Ivy has a new ruler this year.  Her ruler looks the part because it is wooden, just like the real ones!


It’s a quick and easy project.  Let’s take a look!



  • craft sticks (wide or regular)
  • ruler (preferably with centimeter markings!)
  • sharpie
  • yard clippers (with an adults help)
  • sandpaper

Both sizes of craft sticks work great for this doll size craft.  I made one of each to give them both a try.

To get started, cut off the rounded ends of the craft stick.   Be sure an adult helps with the cuts.  Yard clippers make the cuts so easy if you have them handy.


If you are using the wide craft stick, line it up with the centimeter measurements and trim the stick to just over 12 centimeters.  This wide craft stick is long enough to add 12 centimeter markings and that corresponds nicely to a real 12″ ruler.

Mark each centimeter and half centimeter with alternating long and short lines.


Flip the craft stick over, so the lines are on the top.  Write each number before the longer lines.


Write quickly so the sharpie does not bleed into the wood.  Yes, you can see some of that going on, on the end of the wide ruler below.

Two craft sticks, two little doll size rulers.  As you can see the regular craft stick only goes up to “10”.   For the final shots today I used the regular size craft stick.  Either one works great for doll play!


I am loving how durable this little wooden ruler is for play!


It’s a perfect addition to our doll size school supplies!

Just in case you are interested, here is more about today’s post.

It’s time to play school!