If you have the space, the best way to store your doll’s clothes is hanging. There are plenty of places to buy your hangers and lots of ways to make your own, too, but hanging doll skirts and pants is always a challenge! OnlyHangers.com contacted me about doing a review of their 6″ wooden hangers for dolls and when I saw the version with the clips for hanging pants and skirts, I was thrilled!

Jazzmin (Harmony Club Dolls – review coming soon) is getting settled in her new room and is hanging up some clothes she brought with her from her old house. She is using the wooden doll sized hangers from OnlyHangers.com. These hangers are literally scaled down versions of my favorite hangers for our human clothes. They are solid wood, have stainless steel hooks and will last forever.

I really didn’t think that two little stainless steel clasps could make me so happy, but they did! The clasps are strong enough that you can actually hang two or three pairs of doll pants/shorts/skirts on a single hanger to save space. The only drawback the the clasps being so strong is that they are a little difficult for small hands to squeeze open.

Two more items ready for the closet!  The OnlyHangers doll sized hangers are just a little bigger than a lot of the other doll hangers we have, but they still fit nicely in the armoire from Springfield and the various trunks we have, too.

I actually expected the hangers to be more expensive than they are considering they are made of wood, but without clips the hangers are 75 cents each and with clips they are $1.05 each. 

If you are looking for high quality, collector approved hangers for your doll clothes collection, I would recommend these – especially the version with the clips! You can purchase the doll clothes hangers at OnlyHangers.com.