One thing I am certain of when it comes to the American Girl doll collecting community is that once there is rumor of a new doll, they become very impatient for new information. We just want to know all the details as soon as possible.

For 2010 what we know so far, is that we are highly likely to get 2 new historical characters, Denise and Sarah. What we don’t know is if they are both historical dolls complete with the 6-book series and their own line OR if one of them is a friend doll who is going against the normal pattern and getting 6 stories instead of one. What do you think?

We don’t have much more info than that right now. We don’t know what era they are from or any book plots yet.

And in retirement news, if everything follows the pattern set to this point, Molly is the most logical choice for retirement this year. This has not been confirmed – it is just speculation.

As always, if you find any more details, let me know. Most of the info in this post has been gleaned from a variety of sources including reader comments, emails and information found readily on the internet.