Oh look girls, this just arrived! Does the box look familiar?

I will check it out, after all I rule here! Anyone in there?

Where am I? Seems like I have been asleep for days.

What a relief! That net was messing up my hair!

Prudence am I, and who are you?

We are the Ellowynes! The nice lady gave us names, I am Esmeralda because of my green eyes, and I rule here!

So let me explain, we all get along as we do what I say. We welcome you to our family. Understand?

Prudence in her arrival outfit, she wants to be called Pru!

Now Ladies, let’s take a look at these new outfits. I know why the nice lady got these, so I will make the choice, let me see?  Can you guess who got the dresses?

Ella was to wear the “Easy Does It” outfit.  This very romantic dress, brings out the best of her black hair and piercing blue eyes.

Pru wears the ‘A little Bit Darker” outfit, which is actually a very dark green and brings out her brown hair and blue eyes.

Esmeralda insisted they had to get a group picture, after all she knows what a perfect picture they make!

The ladies checked out the new doll house.  Ella loves the upstairs, and she is coming down to join the others.

The perfect place for the perfect ladies!   Welcome home Pru, said the Ellowynes……