Wilde Wednesday Tribute to BRAVE

Have you noticed that I am just a little excited about the premiere of the Disney Pixar movie BRAVE? We are going to a screening of the movie tomorrow night and I just can’t wait. Using two of the medieval gowns I have from Carpatina, we headed out to the garden to take some BRAVE photos this morning.

Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

Dark Days Ellowyne – Elle – has had her hair in braids for days. When I took it down I thought it looked perfect to go with the Iris Fairy gown from Carpatina. Since the dress is for soft bodies 18″ dolls like American Girls, I had to do some creative pinning in the back.

Ellowyne Wilde Raw Edges as Merida

Raw Edges Ellowyne (Aine) just makes such a great Merida “stunt double” especially in the Celtic Princess gown from Carpatina that also needed some pinning to work.

The girls found a nice nook in the forest to stop and have a chat.

Ellowyne Wilde

The lilies make a great backdrop for just about any doll photo. Do you think they look like sisters or best friends?

Check back in a little while for today’s 100 Days of Doll Play post – I have been having computer issues this morning so I am running a bit behind schedule! And don’t forget to check in next Wednesday for more Wilde Imagination doll fun.

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  1. too cool!! and firstie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Secondie! Cute!

  3. Threrdie! They look really good in those dresses.

  4. Adorable!! At first I was not sure if I wanted an Ellowyne doll, but I now love how they photograph and have become very tempted! (:

  5. Fourthie! Hey, I know this is off topic, but does anyone know if the Girls of Many Lands are porcelain? I may bid on a Cecile but I don’t want to if she is porcelain. I want to take pics of her without worrying about her being fragile. Please respond!! Thanks

  6. oops sorry fifthie

  7. T.K. Wilson says:

    @ Emma, no, Girls of many lands are made from plastic, like Barbie, but feels more like skin.

  8. Char – could I ask you a question about something that has nothing to do with this article ?

  9. Lindsey – yes, but why don’t you email me your question at share@dolldiaries.com

  10. I think they look like best friends!

  11. Char- Ok, I did.

  12. Char, I may be going to AG place Dallas this afternoon to return my Mckenna and get a new one. Would you like me to take some pictures of anything? Because I will take pictures of anything you want to see out of a catelog or just plain pics.

  13. Bella – if you see anything new or a display you really like I’d love to see it. If you want to do a trip report write up you can email it with the pictures to me at share@dolldiaries.com.

  14. Thanks T.K. Wilson! That really helps!

  15. qtlol10 says:

    Love merida’s stunt double!

  16. Pretty! Wait your going to a pre movie type thing? I thought it actually came out tomorrow…..hmmmm :1
    I went to a pre movie type thing a few months ago with me gramps. It was the movie John Carter of Mars.

  17. I can not wait to see the movie Brave! I am also excited to see the movie Mckenna !!!

    I will be very happy to see the summer olymipics! There is a lot of excitment going on!!!! :) <3 <3

  18. Purple-the royal color-queen maybe?! Love the hair!

  19. Ohhh there do pretty! Lucky u u get to see BRAVE!!!

  20. madelon says:

    Your photos are lovely!

  21. Anastasia says:

    I think they look a lot like best friends. They go very well together.