A new addition to the Wilde Imagination line this year is their Steampunk inspired collection called Imperium Park where fashion meets technology. A few weeks ago I shared photos of the End of Time outfit and very recently, Madelon actually bought herself a birthday present – Theodora Curiosity Bennett – the main character in the series.

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park Theodora Curiosity Bennett

Ellowyne opens the box meet her new friend, Theodora.

Wilde Imagination Imperium Park Theodora Curiosity Bennett

Theodora and Ellowyne have the same bodies so they can share clothes with ease, but you can see that Theodora has a completely different face mold.

Theodora’s outfit is just so detailed and gorgeous from every angle. 

A closer look at her cool brown boots and striped tights. I just love the Wilde Imagination outfits – they have so many layers of detail and interest.

Madelon was smart to get Theodora for her birthday as she is now sold out and so is much of the Imperium Park collection. I heard that Wilde Imagination is not going to be continuing the Imperium Park series. 

Ellowyne is very happy to have Theodora join the doll family – I’m sure they will enjoy sharing outfits.

Thanks Madelon for sending these photos in. I came very close to buying Theodora last month and now I kind of wish I had.