It’s Wednesday already? Oh, yes! Trust me, Ellowyne doesn’t let me forget it. 

BUSTED!! Elle is out shopping! For shoes, of course! Natalie set up a shoe store for the Ellowyne dolls using the Shoppe and Shoe signs from The Queen’s Treasures and now we can’t get those girls to stop shopping!

Since Elle is busy shopping, she is letting her good friends from Madelon’s collection take the spotlight.

Ellowyne was bored last week and spied a snowgirl on the desk dressed in the most fabulous boa and red skirted dress. Needless to say, the snowgirl is now exposed and Elle is oohing and awwing over her latest outfit!

She borrowed this fall gown from a porcelain doll and headed outside to do a photoshoot.

The gown brings out the green in her eyes!

How about a Southern Belle for Halloween, Elle? 

So pretty in rosettes, ribbon and lace galore!

Isn’t the big bow great?

Have a very Wilde Wednesday!!