Ellowyne Wilde dolls

My friend Charlie of DollsBehavingBadly.com (although her dolls really are very well behaved) sent our dolls three pairs of pajamas last week. The great thing about the pjs is that Ellowynes, Little Miss Matched, Hearts for Hearts and even Corolle can wear them. Three of our Ellowyne dolls – Lillian (Woeful Romance), Blair (Going in Circles) and Elle (Dark Days) are talking perfume while waiting for the Olympics to come on TV.

Ellowyne Wilde Woeful Romance

Lillian wearing a Rapunzel nightgown and holding her Only Hearts Club puppy.

Ellowyne Wilde Going in Circles Dark Days

Blair has on super cute white and pink Bunny Jammies that are a little big on here which make them perfect for quite a few of our 13-16″ dolls. Elle has classic pink pajamas that fit her perfectly.

Thanks Charlie! Our girls will get so much use out of these.