What a wilde day! Literally! I have been going non-stop all day between dentist appointments, back to school shopping, getting kids where they need to be and getting my much needed walk in. In all the craziness the UPS truck arrived and when I cameย  back home briefly there was a fabulous box just waiting for me to open it.

Ellowyne Wilde dolls

Can you spot the new girl? Now I have my own version of The Magnificent Seven! And someone has a new outfit, too.

Give up? On the far left is Positively Negative (who has been named Caitlyn). She was the first Ellowyne I fell in love with back in the fall but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for her. Patience paid off – Wilde Imagination had her on sale this week for $85 and I knew I had to get her then.

And Lillian (Woeful Romance) has a new outfit – the sharp white jeans and teal t-shirt that I got from “liquidsunshine” from Etsy.

Ellowyne Positively Negative and Woeful Romance

A close up of Caitlyn and Lillian by the Slainte plaque in my office. Slainte means Welcome in Gaelic (Irish).

I will be taking more photos of Caitlyn with better lighting in the coming weeks.

From Madelon – When we were at the beach a few days ago, I came across a wine bottle cover for three dollars and fifty cents. Knowing it would fit someone, I had to get it. With a little tightening in the back it turned out great. Those are real feathers at the hem.

Magnificent!! The dress just looks amazing on Madelon’s Dark Days Ellowyne.

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