Ellowyne Wilde Positively Negative

The cover of the very first Wilde Imagination catalog I ever saw had this beauty on it. She is Positively Negative and I was absolutely captivated by her. I could not take my eyes off that catalog. Β While she was the first Ellowyne Wilde doll I wanted, she was obviously not the first, or second, or third one I bought. No, she is lucky number seven! Wilde Imagination recently had a sale and I bought her for $85 with free shipping (bonus!). I know, $85 is still a lot of money for a doll, but compared to the original price of about $160, that was a deal and I knew that what they had left were going to go fast. I had to have her.

So just as I finished snapping the top photo, the battery on my good camera died. UGH. So the rest of the photos are done with my iPhone.

Ellowyne Wilde dolls

Even though the Ellowyne Wilde dolls have “names” of their own like Positively Negative and Woeful Romance, our girls get alternative names. Positively Negative goes by Caitlyn and Woeful Romance you know as Lillian.

Caitlyn and Lillian saw that I had been to Sephora had a bag of samples in a pretty silver bag, so they decided to investigate.

Ellowyne Wilde Positively Negative

Caitlin found some fun goodies in the silver bag. She likes the ChaCha Tint from Benefit.

Ellowyne Wilde Positively Negative

Isn’t she just so gorgeous? I look forward to trying her out in different outfits and settings as part of my own “Magnificent Seven.”

I guess I need to go recharge the good camera so I have decent photos for the day of play activity that I will get posted later this afternoon!

Stay tuned for another Wilde Wednesday next week!